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Art is my passion, colour and form intrigue me.

Inspiration comes in many forms, whether it be a posy of beautiful flowers, colourful fruit or interesting scene.

My sketches form part of my reference material back in the studio. My preferred media are oil painting and clay sculpture. I especially love painting still life scenes.


Drawing allows me to observe shape, form and value.

Having my own studio allows me to play with different media and do what I love. 

I hope that you can get a sense of my passion as you view my paintings and read my blog.

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"Everything before our eyes is a work of art."

This is a bold statement but I truly believe this because of the intricacy that makes objects what they areI only really began "seeing" things clearer when I started painting, painting seriously... Photos have served as a reminder of what I saw and experienced during my travels but, in reality, they lie hidden away in little grey folders on iCloud! Its time to take the little fellas out of the folders and lay them out on my blog for others to enjoy. Read up on my trips, gain a better insight from an artist on what to see, what to take and what to expect. This does not guarantee that you will enjoy what I have enjoyed but, go on, and give it a try. 

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