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Are you looking for a place to go and paint?

A special painting holiday?

Or simply looking for inspiration?

There are endless questions and many answers.

I hope that I may have some answers for you.

I know because this is exactly what I wanted to know when I set out on a recent trip to Spain.

​I have always been happy picture snapper and those photos end up in little grey folders on iCloud.

While snapping away in Spain, I had an idea to share them on a blog. I have decided to take this a bit further by bringing some of the little fellas out of the folders and place them on my blog for others to enjoy.

I invite you to read up on my trips, gain a better insight from an artist on what to see, what to take and what to expect.

Some of my travels are from a few years ago but it will still give you an insight into the place.

This does not guarantee that you will enjoy what I have enjoyed but, it serves to help the viewer and also gives me a little trip down memory lane....enjoy!

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