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Spain: From North to South

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Sunday, 13 January 2019: 7pm.

The day has finally begun as we start our epic trip to SPAIN. Our trusty 4 x 4 was packed with everything that an artist would need and a few clothes. I took my brand new Sienna Pochade Box to try out for the first time. I had purchased water mixable oils and had acrylics plus watercolour...yes I know...but artists DO love their art stuff. What would a painting trip be like without all that stuff?

We took the 2 night cruise...

TIP 1: Take the shorter trip! The cabins are okay but the movies are not great and the ferry spends hours going around in circles off the coast of France. They say it is for maritime manoeuvres but.....

The phone of the shop below is one of the shops on Brittany Ferries.

It was cold onboard the ferry but it is a vast improvement from the ones I travelled on years ago. Comfortable seating, fair food (a bit expensive in the restaurant)

We arrived in Bilbao on 15 January 2019 ready to navigate driving the right hand drive on the wrong side! Never fear, its not so difficult. There were loads of campers with Brits starting their winter escape to Spain.

Below is the vied from my side window as we waved the ferry goodbye.


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